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Frequently Asked Questions

How Clients Book Online?

How Clients Book Online?

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Accessing the Online Booking Platform

To book online, Clients will first need access to the Online Bookings system.

Although a website is a great tool for Clients to find out about the practice and access Online Bookings, a website is not required.

A link or button to reach the Online Booking platform can also be sent by email to Clients.

See Generating a Link for Online Bookings for more details.

Embedding Online Booking Form

It is possible to embed the Online Booking Form on a website by selecting the Embed option to generate a code that can be copy/paste on the website.

Booking Process

1. If there are multiple Locations available, Clients must choose a Location first.

2. Clients select an item from the list of available Services and Classes for this Location.

3. Clients select the Provider from those enabled for this specific booking item.

4. Clients select a date in the calendar to see the Provider’s availability.

5. Clients select a time available on the chosen date.

6. Clients enter their personal details or use their Online Booking code (available for existing Clients only.) First-time clients will receive their Online Booking code in their first booking confirmation email.

7. Lastly, Clients agree to the Terms and Conditions and confirm the appointment by clicking Finish. If Online Payments is enabled, the option to Finish &Pay will be displayed.

Once completed, the Client will receive a confirmation email. There will also be a notification in the diary notifications tab if the option is enabled in the Online Bookings setup.

Cancelling an Online Booking

Depending on the Online Booking settings, Appointments booked online can be cancelled online by Clients.

Select the lead time Clients can cancel the booking online for each Location offering Online Bookings. It is also possible to restrict Cancellations.

See Setting Up Locations for Online Bookings for more information.

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