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How Do Clients Book Online?

How Do Clients Book Online?

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Accessing the Online Booking Platform
Booking Process
Cancelling an Online Booking

The following instructions are for the New Online Bookings system.

For information on How Clients Can Book Online for the Legacy Online Bookings system please click here.

Accessing the Online Booking Platform

For Clients to book online, they will first require access to the Online Bookings platform.

Despite a website being an excellent resource for clients to learn about the practice and access Online Bookings, it is not a requirement.

Clients can easily access Online Bookings from a link or button that has been emailed to them.

See Generating a Link for Online Bookings for more details.

Booking Process

After the Client has accessed the Online Bookings platform, they can follow the steps below to successfully book online.


Depending on the option selected when Generating a Link for Online Bookings Clients will either start by Selecting a Location or Selecting a Practitioner.

If the Client selects a Location first, selecting the Practitioner will be the next step.

Conversely, if the Client selects a Practitioner first, selecting the Location will be the next step.

  • Selecting a Location by clicking a Location Name

If there are multiple Locations available to choose from, the Client can select Any Location to search for a booking in any of the available Locations.

  • Selecting a Practitioner by clicking a Practitioner Name

If there are multiple Practitioners available to choose from, the Client can select Any Practitioner to search for a booking from any of the available Practitioners.


Using Any Practitioner will also allow for Multiple Bookings of the same Class type if sessions for that Class are available with different Practitioners.


After selecting the Location and Practitioner, Clients then select from either Appointments or Classes.


They will then need to select the Appointment or Class from within it’s Category and click Book.

Use the Search to quickly find the correct Appointment or Class.



Clients select the Date from those available for this specific booking type.


Clients select an available Time on the chosen Date.


Clients click Book, or if it is a Class with future availability and the Client wants to book another session for a future Date or Time click Book Another and select another session and then click Book when finished.


Clients enter their Personal Details or use their Online Booking Code (which is available for existing Clients only.) First-time clients will receive their Online Booking Code in their first Booking Confirmation Email.

If entering an Online Booking Code, the Client must click Apply after entering the code. Clicking the Arrow symbol will reset all of the fields in the form, meaning they will need to be entered again.


Lastly, Clients will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Book to finalise the booking.

If the Online Payment options are enabled, Clients can finalise the booking by clicking either Book or Pay according to the set up for the selected Booking type.

If the Payment Required box is selected all Clients need to Pay in full via credit card to complete the online booking.

If some Clients don’t need to pay when booking online do not tick the Payment Required boxThis will give Clients the option to book without paying (Book) or pay in full (Pay).

If the Client clicks Pay, they will be redirected to the payment page to enter the Card Details and click Pay.


Once the payment is successful, the Client will see the Booking Confirmation screen and receive a Booking Confirmation email.

Notifications after completing an Online Booking:

Cancelling an Online Booking

Depending on the Online Bookings Location Setup, Appointments booked online can be cancelled online by Clients.


If your Online Bookings Location Setup allows for Cancellations, the client will be able to Cancel by clicking the link in their Booking Confirmation Email.


Clicking the email link will take the Client to a page where they will need to click Confirm to complete the Cancellation.

It is a good idea to set a Minimum Cancellation Time for each Location to give sufficient time for the booking spot to be filled by another Client. It is also possible to select No Cancellations to block Clients from Cancelling Online Bookings. See Setting Up Locations for Online Bookings for more information.

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