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What Can Clients See when Booking Online? (Legacy)

What Can Clients See when Booking Online? (Legacy)

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Consultations and Classes Available
Date and Time Available

The following FAQ is for the Legacy Online Bookings system.

For information on What Clients See in the New Online Bookings system please click here.


It is possible to make active only some Locations for Online Bookings.

It is also possible to generate a different link to access Online Bookings of the different Locations. Simply select the Locations as the Starting Point when generating the link, then copy/paste this link on the appropriate website.

Consultations and Classes Available

Select which Services and Classes are available for which Providers in the Online Bookings setup page. Only Providers enabled for specific Services or Classes will be displayed.

If a Service or a Class is not selected for any Providers in the Online Bookings setup page, this booking type will not be made available for Online Bookings.


Prices for each Class or Service available for Online Bookings can be shown or hidden.

To update this setting, navigate to the specific Service or Class page (Setup > Items > Services/Classes), tick or untick the Show Price box next to Options, and click Save Changes. 

Date and Time Available

Clients do not see any information from the Provider Diary apart from the available time.

Once a Client has selected a booking type and a Provider, the availability is displayed in a calendar view of the current month. They can browse the available dates using the arrows to change the month.

If the provider has no availability on a specific day, that date is greyed out.

If there are availabilities on a day, there will be 3 dots which represent each period of the day (morning, afternoon, evening). A full dot means there is an available time for this period and an empty dot means there are no availabilities.

Once the Client clicks on a date, a list of available times is shown for each period of the day. The number of available spots displayed for each period of the day (1, 2, 3 or all) can be set up in the Online Bookings.

See Setting Up Locations for Online Bookings for more information.

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