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What information is in the Client Profile?

What information is in the Client Profile?

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Contact/Address details & Notes
Documents & Letters
Client Accounts

Contact/Address details & Notes

The first things displayed in the Profile section are the basic contact details for the Client. Most of them are very self-explanatory such as Phone, DOB, Address, but there are a couple that are particularly important, these are the following:

  • Consent to Communication – If sending emails or SMS messages to Clients, they will need to provide consent. In the same way, if any of your clients would prefer not to receive messages, untick the relevant option.
  • Online Booking Code – This is a special code that clients can use when booking online, it saves them having to enter all their contact details and makes the process even simpler!
  • Client Notes – This is a great place to store any general notes about your clients, or anything that there may not be a field for by default.
  • Alert Notes – Anything added here will appear in a bright alert box on this client’s appointments so it is a great place for any very important information.

Documents & Letters

The Documents section stores client’s documents/files. A different folder is created for each Case where related Letters will be stored.

It is possible to upload any supporting documents in this section. See Uploading Files and Documents for more details.

Client Accounts

Any invoices that have been generated for the client will be accessible in the Account section.

From here it is possible to view, amend or merge existing invoices, create new ones, or print/email client or third party statements.

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