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What Should I Do When a Staff Member Leaves?

What Should I Do When a Staff Member Leaves?

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For Providers Only
For All Staff

When a Staff Member leaves your practice, it’s essential to make sure you remove their access to Nookal. The following guide explains how to do this and additional steps you need to take if the Staff Member is a provider.

For Providers Only

If the Staff Member leaving is a Provider, there are several steps you will be required to take compared to Staff Members who are not Providers. This includes cancelling or moving any upcoming Bookings. There are also optional steps, such as providing them with an Export of Clients and adding an End Date to their Schedule.

Move or Cancel the Provider’s Upcoming Bookings

A Provider can only be made Inactive once their Bookings are either moved to another Provider or cancelled.

To Move a Booking

To move an appointment to a different slot displayed in the Diary, click on the appointment to drag it to a different provider column and drop it there.

To Cancel a Booking


In Classic view, click on the Appointment tab.


Click on Cancel Appointment.


Provide a reason and click Cancel.

The Booking will be removed from the Diary and displayed as Cancelled in the Client’s Bookings list.

How to Find All Bookings for a Provider

Sometimes a Provider has Bookings that will occur months or years in the future. If you are finding it hard to locate a booking, you can use the Print Diary function to view the Provider’s upcoming Bookings in 12-month intervals.

Export of Clients (If Applicable)

If approved by the Account Owner, an Export of the Provider’s clients can be generated by following these steps.

Make sure to only select the list of Clients seen by that specific Provider by selecting the Provider’s name under Provider’s Patients Export, instead of selecting Client Data.

Put an End Date on a Provider’s Schedule

If you know their leaving date, put an end-date on their Schedule. This will stop future online bookings from being made when they’re unavailable.

Lastly, the Provider must be set to Inactive by following the steps in the next section.

For All Staff

If a Staff Member that is not a provider is leaving, follow the steps below to remove their access to Nookal.


Head to Setup.


Click Staff under Users.


Click on the Staff member’s name


Under Account set the Status as Inactive.


Click Save Changes.

This will remove the Staff Member’s access to Nookal.

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