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Which Clients Can Book Online?

Which Clients Can Book Online?

Existing Clients

All existing Clients can book online unless they have been disabled. As long as they use the same details, the system will recognised them.

Client’s Online Booking Code

To speed up the Online Booking process, Clients can use their Online Booking Code which they received in the confirmation email when booking online for the first time.

It is also possible to manually provide the Online Booking Code by finding it in the CLient’s appointment’s window or in the Settings section of the Client Profile.

Disabling Specific Clients

If it is required to prevent specific Clients to book online, untick the Online Booking option in the Settings section of the Client profile.

New Clients

New clients can book online by default. Nookal users can block new clients from booking online by clicking blocked under Online Bookings > Location > Registration settings. New clients will be required to enter a few more contact details when booking and all this information will be used to create their profile to reduce admin work.

See Setting Up Online Booking Locations for assistance.

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