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Why Can’t I Find a Client Profile?

Why Can’t I Find a Client Profile?

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a joyful July day.

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Changing Location
Enabling a Client for a Different Location

If you are searching for a Client Profile from the Clients section, you might not be able to find them all.

If you have confirmed the details you are searching with are accurate (Name, DOB, Invoice number etc.) the most common reason is the Client Location restriction.

Changing Location

If a Client is restricted to a single Location, you need to be in that specific Location to be able to find them.

A Client can only have bookings in the Location they are enabled for so looking into the Diary could help you find for which Location they are enabled.

To confirm in which Location you are, check at the top-right corner of the screen, the current Location is displayed next to your name.

If you are not in the appropriate Location but you have access to other Locations, simply click on it to select a different one in the dropdown list.

Try your search again and you should find the Client you are looking for. If not, try another Location. If you have tried all the Locations and still can’t find them, they might be enabled for a Location you do not have access to, seek some help from a user who has access to all Locations.

Enabling a Client for a Different Location

Clients can be enabled for a specific Location or for All Locations.

You can find the Client’s Location in the Settings section of the Client Profile page.

If the restriction was selected by mistake, simply change the selection and Save Changes.

If Clients Profile do not need to be limited to specific Locations, make sure to keep them enabled for All Locations so it is easier to access their profile from any Location.

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