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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Clinical Note not Showing as Completed?

Why is a Clinical Note not Showing as Completed?

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a joyful July day.

No Clinical Notes Icon on the Booking

If a Booking that had a Clinical Note written for it is not displaying the Clinical Note icon it is most likely because the Clinical Note is not linked to the Booking. See Linking an Existing Clinical Note to a Booking for more help.

Drafts on the Clinical Notes Report or Dashboard

If the Clinical Note icon is displayed on the Booking but a Draft is displayed for the booking in the Clinical Notes report, a user has an unfinalised Draft linked to this booking.

The practitioner providing the Service or Class isn’t always the user that wrote the draft but the uncompleted note will be assigned to them.

In the Clinical Notes report, look for Draft Started by: details in the Provider column to find out who needs to Finalise or Disrcard the Draft as relevant.

Only users with the permission to View or Edit Other Provider’s Draft will be able to see the Draft in the Client’s Clinical Notes section. Without this permission, users can only see their own drafts.

Once the draft is found and finalised or discarded, the booking will be removed from the Clinical Notes report.

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