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Why is Xero Daily Takings Sync Not Matching Nookal Banking Report?

Why is Xero Daily Takings Sync Not Matching Nookal Banking Report?

Nookal Written by Nookal
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Voided Payments or Invoices
Backdated Payments
Overpayment and Account Credit

If using the Daily Takings synchronisation with Xero, you need to take into account a few aspects of the synchronisation before voiding or backdating payments.

If not, you will end up with Financial reports that don’t match the figures synchronised to Xero.

If no payments are backdated (ever) and no payments are voided or edited after the synchronisation, the data sync to Xero will match the Payments Report for each payment method.

Voided Payments or Invoices

If a paid invoice, a paid item or a payment recorded is deleted or voided on any day after the synchronisation, the payment amount has already been synced to Xero in the total amount of the relevant payment method. The amount will not be removed from Xero.

This means that the payment report will display a smaller figure than the amount in Xero as the amount voided will not be removed from Xero.

The Voided invoice report can help you find invoices that were paid and the invoice history will show you when it was voided. Deleted items or Payments are not recorded on a report so make sure that you take note somewhere if deleting these after they were sync to Xero to help reconcile.

Backdated Payments

If payment is backdated, the payment will still be synced to Xero on the day it was recorded in Nookal, not the day it is backdated to.

Also, if an invoice is generated the next morning but the invoice date and payment backdated, the payment will be sync to Xero on the day it was added.

This means that the Banking report of the day the payment was recorded will be showing a smaller amount than the Xero figures.

Also, the Xero figure for the date the payment was backdated to will be smaller than the Payments report for that same day.

The invoice history will display when payment was added or if the date was changed so you can confirm where the amounts come from.

Overpayment and Account Credit

Overpayment and Account Credit are not synced as part of the Daily Takings amount which is why the Payments report can provide closer figures to Xero than the Banking report.

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