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Adding an Account Credit

Sam Written by Sam
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Adding a Credit Manually
Adding a Credit When Processing a Refund
Adding a Credit From an Invoice Adjustment

Account Credit can be added in different ways depending on the reason why the Credit is added. Account Credit will be shown as an option to pay new and existing invoices.

Adding a Credit Manually

If a Client pays before an Invoice is generated, the simplest way to record the payment is to create a Credit.


Go to the Client Accounts section. See Accessing the Client Accounts Section for assistance on accessing this.


Click Add Credit, at the bottom right of the page.


Enter the Credit Amount.


Select the Payment Method from the dropdown list.


Add a Reason for future reference.


Click Add.


The total Credit amount for each Client will be shown in Green at the top of the Account section. Credits will be listed as with the invoices.


Click on any Credit line to see more details or to edit the Credit.

Adding a Credit When Processing a Refund

When processing a refund, choose to add the amount as a Credit instead of refunding the client, see Processing a refund for more information.

Adding a Credit From an Invoice Adjustment

If making an adjustment reducing the total amount of an invoice after the payment was recorded, it will automatically create an Account Credit.

When adding a Credit from an Adjustment or a Refund, the Credit will be linked to this Invoice. Voiding the invoice will also void the Credit.

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