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Claiming DVA with Medipass

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a marvellous March day.

One of Medipass’ functionalities is to process DVA bulk-billing claims, without the need for a terminal. This is especially useful when a terminal is not accessible.

Setting up the Medipass integration is essential prior to processing any payments or claims via Medipass. Find the setup instructions here.

Medipass also allows the processing of other types of claims, for more details, refer to the articles below:

It is possible to claim DVA with Medipass. Only bulk-billing is available. Below explains how to proceed:


In the Diary open the booking and click Generate Invoice.


Edit or add items if required and click Pay with Medipass.


Select DVA.


Click Setup to expand the section in which some required DVA claiming details will be pre-filled from information in Nookal.


Enter or edit any DVA missing or inaccurate information.

There will be a notification when trying to process the claim if some details are missing.

DVA details will be saved for future claims.


Tick the Item and click Pay with Medipass.


The Medipass portal will open. Verify or fill in required details and click Submit Claim.


The invoice will be submitted and the status will be set as Pending. Any action can be seen in the History tab. The paid amount will be added on the invoice automatically once DVA has processed the claim.


Once the invoice has been completed and processed using Medipass, there will be a Medicare benefit form to download or send to the Client.

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