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Connecting Nookal to Rehab Guru

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Nookal integrates with Rehab Guru, an exercise prescription platform offering over 5000 exercises as well as patient tracking, outcome measures, notes and Telehealth. Once connected, it is quick and easy to sync your clients across from Nookal to Rehab Guru, as well as upload documents from Rehab Guru back to the client’s profile in Nookal.

A Rehab Guru account is required. To sign up or simply see if this product is suitable for your practice, click here.


In Nookal, head to the Setup section.


Click Integrations under Connections. 



Enable Rehab Guru from the list of available integrations and click Configure. 


Copy the API Key and choose to Synchronise Clinical Notes and Documents data if required.


Log in to Rehab Guru and follow these instructions to connect Nookal to Rehab Guru via the API key.

Once your clients have been synced across to Rehab Guru, you can upload documents from Rehab Guru to the client’s profile in Nookal. For more information about this please click here

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