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Creating Gender Titles

Sam Written by Sam
... on a marvellous March day.

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Creating a Gender Title
Editing a Gender Title

To help accomodate all gender identities, you can now create Gender Titles in Nookal that can be applied in the Client Profile.

Creating a Gender Title


Go to Setup.


Click Titles under Practice.


Select the Gender Titles tab.


Click the + icon on the top-right of the page.


Type the Gender into the Gender Title field.


Leave the Status as Active, or click on the Status drop-down field to change to Inactive.


Click the Save icon.


The newly created Gender Title will appear in your list of Gender Titles and is now available to use in the Client Profile section.

Editing a Gender Title


Click on the Gender Title you wish to update.


Update the Gender Title or Status.


Click the Save icon.

The Gender Title will be updated with the new changes.

Learn where Gender Titles can be used here.

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