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Getting Started

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Creating Inventory Items

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Advanced Options
Deleting an Inventory Item

Nookal has an inventory tool allowing simple stock management and easy invoicing.

Follow these simple steps below to add new stock items to the inventory.


Go to Setup.


Click Inventory under Items.


Click Create Stock at the bottom right of the page.


Enter the Stock Name and SKU code (Stock Keeping Unit).


Add a Sale Price and tick the box if the price includes Sales Tax.


To use Inventory report tools, add a Cost Price


Select for which Locations the item is available.

If more than one Location is selected, there is the option to Share stock between locations. If ticked, the quantity added is the total available across the different locations and the quantity of all the locations will be reduced when the item is sold in any of the locations.


Click Add/Remove Stock.


Enter the quantity of the item under Add Stock. Set a Min. Quantity to have the quantity highlighted when reached.

If multiple locations are selected but the option to Share stock between locations is not selected, the same quantity of stock will be added for each location.


Click Save once all the necessary information has been added. This item will then be displayed in the account Inventory list.

Advanced Options

To add more details to the item such as Supplier, Barcode, Accounting Code, etc, simply click Advanced to expand the section and fill the relevant fields.

Deleting an Inventory Item

To prevent historical data being lost, it is not possible to delete an item, it will simply be set as Inactive.


Click on the Stock Name in the Inventory list.


Click Advanced to expand the options.


Set the Status as Inactive.


Click Save.

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