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Creating Letterhead for Invoices and Letters

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a stunning September day.

Curious which information is used to create the letterhead of Invoices and Letters generated in Nookal?

Look no further! The information is taken from the Locations page in the Setup section.

See below which information is used and how it is possible to use the different fields to ensure all the required information is displayed. Every Location will need to be set up independently which means each location can differ in details if necessary.


Go to Setup.


Click Locations under Practice.


Click on the Location Name in the list.


In the Location page, there are several fields to input information. If the information is added in the fields listed below, it will show on the right side of the letterhead on Invoices and Letters in this order:

  • Company Name (not the Location Name).
  • Business Registration Number (e.g. ABN, CA, RN…)
  • Business Address, if a postal address is also required, a different address can be added in each line of address (e.g. Postal: 123 postal street…)
  • Telephone number and Fax number will be displayed, mobile number will not be shown.
  • Email address.
  • Website.


The Letterhead format will be as below:

The Logo added in the Location page will show on the left side of the letterhead. Find out more about adding a Logo here.

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