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Managing Patient Surcharge with ACC

Nookal Written by Nookal
... on a marvellous March day.

If charging extra fees to Clients covered by ACC, we recommend adding a different item called Patient Surcharge on the invoice. See below for more details.


In the Diary, click on the Client Appointment.

This appointment needs to be linked to an ACC Case, and the Consultation needs to be the item that will be submitted to ACC.


Click Generate Invoice.


Under the ACC item, click Add Item.


Find and select the Patient Surcharge item from the drop-down list of items.

If the Patient Surcharge item is not on the list, it will need to be created in the Services page. This section can be reached by heading to Setup > Items > Services. For more details on creating Services, click here.


Record the Client’s payment in the appropriate Payment Method. This will update the outstanding amount to submit to ACC.


At the bottom of the invoice, tick the Add to ACC Queue checkbox.


Click Save Invoice. This will open up the ACC Claiming section.


In the open ACC portal, add the relevant claiming details.


Select the ACC item to claim and fill in any relevant fields.


Click Submit Claim.

Once the invoice has been submitted, this status will change to Queued, which means the invoice has been sent for payment to ACC.

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