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Moving to Nookal

Joining the revolution? Everything to make the switch is right here.

Moving to Nookal: Timelines

Austin Written by Austin
... on a stunning September day.

Let’s talk about the key dates in our migration processes – so you know what to expect from us, and what you need to do.

Check out this typical timeline for a new account:

It should give you an overview of our typical Spreadsheet and Data Conversion process.

Or, if you’re the Do-It-Yourself type – consider these steps as a helpful guide.

Let’s take a closer look…

✍️ What You Can Set Up

Once you’ve added a Subscription to your Nookal account, it’s the perfect time to get all your other data set up, such as:

  • Templates for Letters, Clinical Notes, Messages, etc.
  • Reminder and Recall Messages – just don’t enable them until your Go-live date.
  • And any other data types not included in your Spreadsheet or Data Conversion.

Then it’s time for the…

🧪 Your Trial Conversion

Expect the unexpected. Nothing ever goes to plan. Murphy’s Law, etc.

You’ve heard all the sayings, you know all the quotes. They’re all true. But don’t panic…

That’s what a “Trial Conversion” is for – it gives you a chance to check everything is correct.

And you can discover, discuss, and plan any processes you may want to consider before your final date – take that, Murphy. 💪

🍎 Book in Your Training

Now that you’ve got some actual data in your account (and you’ve made sure it’s correct), it’s a perfect time to schedule in some staff training with our awesome Support Team.

That way, you’ll all learn how your current data looks in your glossy new Nookal account. Is that pure genius or what? 🤓

Just make sure you and your team – do not add any data (covered in the migration process) which you want to keep:

  • The Final Conversion will remove all the data types migrated in the Trial Conversion.
  • Ensure your team is not adding any of the migrating data types that they want to keep.
  • For example – if one of the data types you are migrating is your Clients list, and you have added new Clients to your Nookal account during staff training, that’s ok. Just remember that those new Clients will be removed for the Final Conversion.
  • The ‘other’ data types which aren’t migrating (templates, reminders, etc.) will be kept.

🎉 Your Final Conversion

It’s showtime! You’ve got everything ready to go. You’ve done a trial run. You know the processes and workflows. Let’s dance…

Your Final Conversion will usually begin on a Friday afternoon – since that will maximise the time to migrate the data over the weekend, and minimise the impact on your clinic.

Our team aims to meet this schedule (or faster) for Spreadsheets and Data Conversions:

  • Friday (Afternoon) – We collect, transfer and begin processing your data.
  • Saturday (Morning) – You confirm your data is correct.
  • SundayNow you’ve got time to action any final steps for your account…
  • Monday (Morning) – You’re ready to go-live! 🎉

📝 Documents and Files

If your migration process includes Documents and Files, these will be processed after your Final Conversion. This is due to the average document collection totaling multiple gigabytes of data, which takes longer to transfer and process.

🏎️ Ready to Go?

When it’s time to book your Trial and Final Conversion dates, or if you have any questions about this process, just send our friendly team a message – we’re here to help.

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