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Sending a Message to a Client

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Sending a Message From the Diary
Sending a Message From Client Messages section

Follow the steps below to send SMS Messages or Emails manually to your Clients.

Manual message are useful if a Client has booked an appointment after the automated reminders have been sent but would still like to receive an email or SMS Message for the booking, or for occasional communications if the Clients prefers messages to calls.

Sending a Message From the Diary


In the Diary, click on the Appointment to open the Appointment window.


In Classic view, click on Communications, then Send Message.

In Fresh view, click on Communications.

Select Send Message and click Next.


Select the type of message to send, Email or SMS.

Emails are free to send, SMS Messages cost 1 credit per 160 characters.


Select a Template or type the message. Templates created in the Manage > Communications section will be displayed in the dropdown list.


If sending an email, enter a Subject.


When the message is ready to send, click Send Email or Send SMS.

The message will be added to the system message queue and will appear in the Client > Messages section once it has been sent.

Consent boxes to receive SMS or Email Reminders needs to be ticked before messages can be sent to Clients.

Sending a Message From Client Messages section

Appointment details can’t be generated in messages sent from the Clients section as they are not linked to a booking. Therefore we strongly advise against using template with Appointment placeholders as the information will be missing in the message.


Click Messages in the Client Profile. See Finding a Client Profile for more assistance.


Click Send Email or Send Message.


Fill in the relevant fields.

When sending a Message to a Client that does not have a title selected in the Client profile. It will address the Client as shown above, “Dear [Client Name]”.

If you are sending a Message to a Client that has a Title allocated, it will address the Message to include the Title.

If you are sending a message to an email that is outside of Nookal it will be addressed “To Whom it May Concern”.



Click Send.

Please note that opening a sent email in the Clients > Messages section only displays the text that has been sent – not the styling, formatting or any html elements.

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