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Security and Privacy

How you (and we) can keep your data safe and secure in Nookal.

Virus Scanning for Files and Documents

Sam Written by Sam
... on a delightful December day.

Virus scanning is an important part of Nookal’s security repertoire. Scanning files and documents for viruses has never been easier, and is fundamental in keeping your Nookal data and patient records secure. The following article explains how to use Nookal Antivirus.

Enabling Nookal Antivirus

Each Nookal account comes with the Nookal Antivirus functionality switched on by default, however, if you happen to find yours has been switched off you can easily enable it as described below.

Only users with Permissions to Edit the Setup Page will be able to enable or disable Nookal Antivirus.

1. Navigate to Setup > Extensions > Advanced.

2. Scroll to Nookal Antivirus.

3. Toggle to Enabled.

Depending on the preferred security level of your account, you can

use the above steps in reverse to disable Nookal Antivirus.

Scanning Files and Documents for Viruses

After Nookal Antivirus has been enabled, all uploaded files and documents will be scanned for viruses.

1. Upload the file or document to the Clients > Documents section by following the instructions outlined here.

2. A notification will appear to inform you the file is being scanned for viruses.

3. If you click on the file while it’s being scanned for viruses, the following message will appear.

4. After a short wait (and if no viruses have been detected) the file will be available for use.

Documents and files uploaded to your My Files or Shared Files areas will also be scanned for viruses.

What Happens when a Virus is Detected

1. If a virus is detected in an uploaded file, you will receive a notification similar to the below image.

2. The uploaded file will be also be flagged in red with a Virus Found warning and you will not be able to open it within Nookal.

3. In addition to the above warnings, an automatic trigger will inform the Nookal Security team that a virus has been found, and a Customer Service Representative will be in touch to discuss next steps, if any are necessary.

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