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Getting Started

Everything you need to get up and running with Nookal.

Sending Bulk Messages

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With Nookal, Users can send Bulk SMS and Emails to their Clients quickly and easily. Follow the steps below to set up and send a Bulk Message successfully.

Bulk Messages can only be sent to Clients that have consented to receive Email or SMS Marketing or Reminders. You can update a Client’s consent via the checkboxes in their Client Profile.


Navigate to Manage.


Under Communications, click on Bulk Messages.


In the bottom right-hand corner, click on Create Bulk Message.


In Step 1, add a Title for the Bulk Message and click Next.


In Step 2, select who will receive the Bulk Message. You can send it to All Clients or specify certain Client groups by selecting Clients who had a Service or Clients who had a Class.


Select All Services and/or All Classes or a specific selection of some Services or Classes.


Choose for which Locations the message is sent (All Locations or Specific Locations – select which ones).


Choose for which Providers the message is sent (All Providers or Specific Providers – select which ones).


Set the inclusive date range your targeted Clients had bookings in Nookal. Leave as All to include Clients that had bookings at any time within your Nookal account.


Select for which Consent type you will be sending the message.


Click Next.


In Step 3, specify if this Bulk Message will be sent as an SMS or an Email.

Email messages are free of charge.

SMS messages have fees. SMS Credits must be purchased before sending SMS messages, or they won’t be sent. SMS Credits can be purchased in Setup > Subscription > SMS Credits.

1 SMS sent through Bulk Messages cost 1 SMS credit per message. If your message is longer than one standard SMS (160 characters), you will be charged an additional one credit every 160 characters.


Type the Message content, and click on Client or Location to add placeholders that will be replaced by the personalised information when sending the message.


Click Next.


A preview of your message will now appear, including the number of Clients receiving it and credits used (SMS only). Click Save as Draft to send or edit the message later, or click Send to queue the Message for sending immediately.

After clicking Save as Draft or Send, the Bulk Message will be displayed in the list of Bulk Messages and can be edited, duplicated or deleted later.

  • The logo will pull into Email Bulk Messages based on the Logo setup in the Setup > Practice > Locations area. Find more information about adding logos here > https://www.nookal.com/help/adding-a-logo
  • While it’s not possible to add hyperlinks, links to websites can be added to the content of SMS and Email Bulk Messages by using the exact URL of the page you are trying to link to, for example:
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