Clinical Treatment Notes

Fast and effective healthcare records in the complete practice management system.

Efficient Record Creation

We know from personal experience that time spent writing progress notes is time that could be better spent on quality patient care, so we’ve curated a complete suite of functionality for practitioners to maximise their efficiency and reliability when it comes to record keeping and note-taking.

Interactive Body Charts

Create (and add your own) charts to use for easy drawing, annotation and reporting within patient clinical histories and documentation.

Shortcuts and Snippets

Save time entering common clinical abbreviations and regularly-used notes by using your own customisable list of text snippets as shortcuts.

Clinical Symbols

Record manipulations performed during consultations and classes with a library of easily-accessible symbols and characters.

Customisable Templates

Accurately and efficiently complete treatment notes for a comprehensive historical patient health record with easy-to-use templated forms.

Pin Important Notes

Keep vital information such as allergies and reminders visually prominent within a patient’s clinical history to maximise awareness.

Ad-hoc Clinical Notes

Conveniently and quickly add last-minute and short additional notes to a client’s treatment to prevent losing missed or forgotten information.

Note Taking Technologies

We’re always looking at the latest advances to make sure that we’re compatible with a wide range of external tools and devices, so you can make sure technology keeps you focused on what matters – your patients.

Voice Recognition

Compatible with industry-leading voice recognition software to make completing notes, letters and reports quick and easy.

Handwriting Recognition

Easily hand write notes, letters and more via Microsoft Surface™, Apple iPad™, and Android™ tablets using your stylus.

Documentation Tools

Record-keeping is critical in practice management to ensure you are meeting long-term compliance requirements, which is why we’ve developed reliable clinical solutions to make sure completing, compiling, and ultimately storing your records is effortless.

Outcome Measures

Track patient performance and progress over time with a library of approved and recognised outcome measure tools.

Provider Management Plans

Save time spent completing common approval requests for a range of different insurers and compensation providers.

Letter and Reporting Tools

Easily complete referral letters, progress reports, and legal claim correspondence with quick merge fields and carbon-copies.

Document Storage File System

Store documents, images, photos, scans and x-rays for the history of each patient to ensure compliance in record-keeping.

Profile and Health Records

A customisable patient profile to suit your practice goals and business process is critical to the success of your business. We know every healthcare clinic is different, and our practice management software is designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate the widest range of workflows.

Client Demographics

Keep comprehensive and searchable up-to-date patient profile and contact information for easy retrieval and retention.

Customisable Client Profile Fields

Add custom data fields to collect additional information about your customers profile for marketing, tracking and more.

Health Fund Details

Track reference numbers, case managers, contacts, and more information about health funds, insurers and third party payers.

Contact and Referrer Details

Manage your correspondence and contact details for referring doctors, specialists, insurers, surgeons, lawyers and more.

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