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Juggling Entertainer

No contracts, no obligations, no pressure. Practice Management Software the way it should be.

Holly Brasher

“Nookal makes our lives as clinicians and business owners easier.”

Holly Brasher


Iain Sykes

“Nookal is an incredible product! I’d recommend Nookal to anybody.”

Iain Sykes


Kristina Youssef

“It keeps me organised, up to date and has made running my business much simpler.”

Kristina Youssef


Erin Brooks

“Nookal has been excellent for our business, our staff and therefore our clients.”

Erin Brooks


Emily Smith

“It's really intuitive to use and really suited to the clinical setting.”

Emily Smith

Owner / Physiotherapist

Jon Ford

“Nookal gives us a fast, simple and streamlined diary. We love the cloud connectivity...”

Jon Ford

Managing Director

Jo Rankin

“...Has revolutionised my practice. Communication with the other physios is so much easier...”

Jo Rankin


Sharon Charles

“It is incredibly simple to use from a physio point of view and provides very good flexibility...”

Sharon Charles

Practice Manager

Justine Barrow

“I find the clinical notes much more user friendly than other programs that I have used.”

Justine Barrow


Abigail Lajti

“I would recommend Nookal because it is truly your all-in-one system.”

Abigail Lajti

Practice Manager

Cathy Nolan

“Nookal is a fabulous, easy to use patient mangement system that is contemporary...”

Cathy Nolan

Owner / Physiotherapist

Chris Brady

“Quite simply the most well written, up to date CRM for physical medicine. It has no rival.”

Chris Brady


Simone McGrath

“As a practice director I can work from anywhere - Nookal has great reporting features...”

Simone McGrath


Michael Gilbert

“We love the development of the reports that really let you drill down into team performance.”

Michael Gilbert


Amanda Durbidge

“We have saved a lot of time and paperwork by being able to submit DVA claims online.”

Amanda Durbidge

Owner / Exercise Physiologist

Michael Black

“Nookal far exceeds the other [systems] for price, ease of use and function.”

Michael Black


Sandra Gallagher

“We have found Nookal to be much more user friendly than previous software.”

Sandra Gallagher

Owner / Manager

Tania Kingston

“I love all of Nookal... A clean, organised system that is extremely easy to navigate.”

Tania Kingston

Practice Manager

Grant Willson

“The Nookal team are willing to listen, act on feedback and constantly improve...”

Grant Willson

Director / Physiotherapist

Adam Abbas

“This gives us a competitive edge and makes us able to support our referrers and customers.”

Adam Abbas


Angela Melit

“I recommend Nookal it's because it's easy to use, and has been a benefit to our practice...”

Angela Melit


Denise Gardner

“Easy to use as straight forward & logical even for the non-computer savvy...”

Denise Gardner

Practice Principal

The Kinesiologist’s Top 5

Come join us for a free trial to find out why Kinesiologists in the USA love Nookal.

  1. 🏆 Advanced Reporting for Performance
  2. 🏅 Intuitive Clinical Notes, Body Charts and Documents
  3. ❤️ Easy Invoicing for Private and Insured Patients
  4. Automated SMS/Email Reminders for Appointments
  5. 👍 Online Scheduling and Payments for Patients
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Winning in First Position

Practice Management Software that helps you with...

Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointments and Bookings

Manage medical appointments, classes, group bookings, meetings, staff and patients from a simple and flexible calendar platform.

Our clinic management software makes it easy for you to use events to keep your team on-track and set one-off reminders.

Medical Appointment Software

Class / Group Bookings

Add multiple clients to classes and group therapy bookings. They can even purchase sessions in bulk.

Staff Schedules

Set up visual cues for recurring and one-off schedules and breaks for staff members on your diary.

Waiting List

Avoid missing client preferred times and availabilities by adding them to your waiting list.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Automate Bookings and Patient Reminders

Let clients and patients make their own bookings online and send them automatic appointment reminders via sms or email.

We designed our patient management software processes to help you minimise cancellations and non-attendance.

More about Bookings & Reminders

Online Bookings

Allow your clients to easily book into available times and classes whenever they want.

SMS and Email Reminders

Send automatic reminders to minimise no-shows and keep your clients running on time.

Receive SMS Replies

Receive SMS message replies from clients to confirm or rebook appointments.

Clinical Notes and Health Records

Clinical Notes

Quickly document each consultation with your own easy-to-use templates, shortcuts and symbols.

Easily send Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and manage Provider Management Plans (PMPs).

More about Clinical Notes

Personalised Treatment Notes

Get the information and results you need with your own clinical note templates.

Draw on Body Charts

Highlight and mark important treatment areas with interactive body chart images.

Shortcuts and Symbols

Focus on clients and results by entering detailed information with your own shortcuts.

Clinical Report and Letter Writing Software

Client Records Management

Securely upload and access documents, letters and files for each patient record into your practice management software. Use personalised templates for letters.

Cloud-based storage can help you manage your health practice better, from solo professionals to epic multi-disciplinaries.

More about Client Management

Document and File Storage

Attach files, documents and images to client records so you've got them wherever you go.

Letter Templates

Save time by setting up templates for clients, doctors, referrals and insurance companies.


Rapidly and accurately construct letters using client demographic and referral data.

Appointment and Class Invoicing

Invoice and Claim Easily

Easily generate invoices for clients, health funds and insurance companies. Claim online and get money in the bank.

Let our health practice management software do the heavy lifting to get you and your team of practitioners paid faster.

More about Invoicing

Manage Invoices

Generate, discount, combine and merge invoices all with the quick push of a button.

Accounting Integrations

Synchronise and export your accounting data to make financial management easier.

Submit Claims Online

Submit and track client claims online for quick and easy allied health medical billing.

Encrypted Secure Cloud-based Software

Keep Data Safe Inside and Out

With an extensive permission system, you have full control over what your staff can do (and where they can do it from).

Personal data security is paramount in each health and medical practice, and there's no exception to that with our software.

More about Management

User Groups

Add staff to permission groups or create new groups for specific staff, like your accountant.


Easily toggle permissions to block, allow full, or even partial access of specific data and areas.

Change Tracking

See who made and who changed appointments, cancellations and other diary items.

Clinical Business Reporting

Report and Track your Goals

Powerful finance and activity reporting can give you a strong insight into what's happening in your business and with staff.

See your finances, clinic occupancy and performance instantly in real time with our reports and tools.

More about Reporting

Detailed Reports

Designed by business-minded and result-driven people, our reporting is second to none.

Automatic Clinic Snapshots

Receive a weekly summary of your clinic performance to help you meet the goals you set.

Multi-practice Aware

Built from the ground up to grow with your business, no practice is too big or small.

Third-party Clinical Integrations

Integrate and Power-up

With an ever-expanding list of integrations and the ability to develop your own, the sky is the limit.

Our integrations span a huge range of tools that help health practices reach far beyond their goals.

More about Integrations

Synchronise Accounting

Connect to Xero and export to MYOB, everything you need to keep your accountant happy.

Prescribe Exercises

Keep patients on track with allied health exercise prescriptions integrated into Clinical Notes.

Develop API Solutions

Create your own custom business solutions and reports with secure API access to your account.

Clinical Data Security and Encryption

Safe and Secure

The security of any private practice software must be second to none, and Nookal is no exception.

Our system infrastructure uses state-of-the-art security measures and encryption to transmit and store clinically sensitive information.

Learn more about our:

Enterprise Grade Encryption

All information is transmitted with 256-bit SSL / HTTPS enterprise grade encryption.

Automatic Backups

We automatically back up your data to multiple secure locations to ensure your peace of mind.

Constant Monitoring

Around the clock monitoring ensures everything runs optimally and reduces any possible downtime.

Clinical Customer and Technical Support

Customer Service and Support

Our continually growing team of subject matter experts are always happy to help you with your Nookal account.

We have a comprehensive range of support tools and channels to help you with everything you need to get started with your new Nookal account.

Get started with:

100% Free Training

Get your team up to speed with as many complimentary training sessions as they need.

Worldwide Support

No matter where in the world you are, our team is never too far away and ready to help.

Transfer Your Data

Our team can help you to transfer your data from other practice management software systems.

Practice Management Software Customers

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