Reporting and Analytics

A complete set of allied health clinic software tools to show you your most important data.

Powerful Reporting

Covering all the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly components of an allied health clinic, our reports were designed with goal-driven practice managers and clinic owners in mind.

Piggybank with Coin

Financial Reports

Keep an eye on income, payments, expenditures, and everything you and your accounts team need to make sure your clinic grows.

Clock with Time Blocked Out

Administration Reports

Audit to minimise cancellation and non-attendance, build recurring revenue, and track administrative actions.

Heart with Pulse Line

Clinical Reports

Analyse data for common episodes, recurring cases, popular treatment types, and observe discharge records for trends.

Compass Pointing in a Direction

Management Reports

Monitor practitioner performance and KPIs to keep your team on-track to be efficient and effective healthcare providers.

Megaphone or Loud Speaker

Marketing Reports

Follow-up patients with low attendance rates, consider promotional campaigns, and track regularly referring contacts.

Arrow on Target Board

Performance Reports

Observe powerful allied health performance metrics to maintain and accelerate your business growth and staff retention.

Export and Customise

We know every allied health practice can have slightly different goals, and being able to extract and analyse your data in the way you want is important to your success, which is why we offer industry-standard file formats and an API for total custom solutions.

Table of Data

Export to PDF, CSV, and Excel™

Easily extract all your reporting data in the most common file formats for compatibility and analysis in the software of your choice.

Access Key


Use our API to build your own custom integration, develop a custom reporting solution for your business, and more.

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