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Connect to Medipass for easy online payments, EFTPOS, Medicare, private health claims and more.

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Integrated Digital Payments

Connect Nookal to Medipass to process digital online health care payments without a terminal – EFTPOS, credit card, private and public health insurers and funders.

Make it easy for patients to pay you fast while minimising paperwork with Healthpoint, NDIS, Medicare, DVA (and lots more) seamless payments and claims.

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Hassle Free

Send payment requests to patients on their mobile phone. No terminal necessary.

Private Health

Send claims via Healthpoint for fast and easy private health insurance invoice payments.

Medicare and DVA

Send Medicare and DVA claims for quick approval and payment for allied health services.

About Medipass

Medipass is introducing modern digital payments to the Australian allied health care industry with solutions to connect patients, providers and funders seamlessly.

With a history in banking, health and new technology, Medipass focus on bringing exciting new technologies and developments to allied health providers and practices.

Incorporating payment solutions with Healthpoint, Medicare, DVA, iCare, NDIS and practice management software, Medipass functionality is continually growing.

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Getting started with Medipass

If you’re new to Medipass and want to check it out, simply click the button below to learn more about what Medipass can offer you and your business.

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Connect Medipass with Nookal

Once you’re ready to get started, simply follow these easy instructions to connect your Nookal account with Medipass.

Connect Medipass with Nookal
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