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Connect to Tyro to accept EFTPOS, Credit Card, Private Health and Medicare Claims.

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Integrated Payment Processing

Connect Nookal to Tyro to process EFTPOS and Credit Card payments, and submit fast easy claims to private health insurers and Medicare Australia.

Quick payments on invoices can increase clinic cash flow, while fast private health and Medicare claims minimise paperwork and administrative handling.

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Debit/Credit Cards

Accept integrated EFTPOS and credit card payments by swiping patient’s bank cards.

Private Health

Integrated with Healthpoint for super fast private health fund claiming.

Medicare Easyclaim

Send Medicare claims for lightning fast approval and payments for your clinic and patients.

About Tyro

Tyro provides business banking solutions for Australian healthcare clinics with tailored debit/credit card processing solutions, Medicare claiming, private health fund rebating services and more.

Tyro is focused on connecting businesses with innovative software and apps to help your practice grow, thrive and survive.

With over a decade of experience in the health sector, Tyro understands the needs of allied health providers and have developed payment technologies specifically suited to clinics and providers.

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Getting started with Tyro

If you’re new to Tyro and want to check it out, simply click the button below to learn more about what Tyro can offer you and your business.

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Connect Tyro with Nookal

Once you’re ready to get started, simply follow these easy instructions to connect your Nookal account with Tyro.

Connect Tyro with Nookal
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