We hope you enjoy taking a look at this webinar we recently hosted, which contains compelling insights from our industry leading special guests.

This event was hosted by:

  • Sarah Howitt MPthy, B.AppSci (Ex&SpSc) from Nookal

With special guests:

  • David Gahan BExSc, GDipExSc, ESSAM from Allsports Physiotherapy
  • Denis Giguere B.Phty, GCRehab, APAM from the University of Queensland

The trio discussed the following:

  • An insight into the professional backgrounds of David Gahan and Denis Giguere.
  • The role technology plays in their day-to-day professional lives.
  • How technology has shaped the way they deliver treatment to their patients.
  • A glimpse into their vision of what clinical technology could look like in the future.

Stay tuned for more topics and valuable conversations in the future!

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