Our refreshed and revitalised Contacts management is on its way, showcasing a greater functionality and efficiency for your convenience.

With a refined design and added features, it means you will be able to locate individuals, payers, and their corresponding invoices with a much improved experience.

Improved Experience

🎩 Improved Experience

Our meticulously crafted new interface delivers enhanced usability and functionality for better performance.

Effortless Searching

🔍 Effortless Searching

The new search bar assists you in swiftly and effortlessly locating the exact results you’re seeking.

Accessible Invoices

💰 Accessible Invoices

You can now view all the invoices associated with a payer and effectively navigate to a specific invoice.

History Matters

📜 History Matters

A visible search history helps to facilitate quick reference and keep track of your recent interactions.

👍 Ready to Get Started?

Check out our step-by-step guide covering our upcoming Contacts management experience for your practice:

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