Medicare Integration

Connect to Medicare Australia for easy public health claims and payments.

Integrated Public Health Claims

Connect your Nookal practice management account to Medicare Australia to enable your team to submit quick and easy public health claims for your patients.

Automatic approvals for bulk bill and patient paid claims mean that you and your patients receive payments and rebates faster for increased cash flow.

*Additional costs apply. Contact our friendly team for more information.

Connect Medicare with Nookal

Bulk Bill Claims

Submit bulk bill claims to Medicare for quick payments back to your allied health clinic.

Patient Paid Claims

Submit patient paid claims to Medicare for fast reimbursement to your clients and patients.

Less Paperwork

Saving your clinic administrative time by submitting claims online means less paperwork.

About Medicare

Medicare is an Australian Government public health insurance service, delivering access to some health services at low or no cost to Australian citizens (and some overseas visitors).

Claimable services include a range of medical and allied health clinic services, hospital treatments and prescription medicines.

Australian allied health clinics can submit claims to Medicare on behalf of their patients for a range of health care services provided by their practitioners, therapists and health professionals.

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Connect Medicare with Nookal

Once you’re ready to start claiming, simply follow these quick and easy instructions to connect your Nookal account with Medicare.

*Additional costs apply. Contact our friendly team for more information.

Connect Medicare with Nookal
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