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Appointment Scheduling

Practice management software to help you schedule appointments and stay on-track.

Multiple Booking Styles

With a range of booking types to select from, it’s easy to keep yourself and your clinical team organised and running efficiently. From a single private consultation to recurring third party healthcare insured groups and also everything in-between, we’ve got the practice management solution for you.

Appointment Bookings

Quickly and easily schedule patient bookings across all your practitioners, clinic locations and schedules.

Group Classes

Manage multiple class and group attendees at once for Yoga, Pilates, Counselling, Gym sessions and more.

Meetings and Events

Set up and recur regular staff meetings, inservices, events and travel for groups of practitioners.

Notes and Reminders

Add quick notes to your calendar to remind you about important occasions or to-do lists.

Rooms and Resources

* Coming Soon Assign specialised equipment or practitioners to a room to keep your clinic organised.

Bulk Session Purchases

Sell and manage the pre-purchase of bulk sessions or treatments for future use or gift certificates.

Patient Reminders and Retention

Save time and prevent lost income with a range of tools to help customer attendance and retention. SMS and Email reminders to help patients turn up on time, and recalls following their consultation for feedback and rebooking, all combined with scheduled automation to prevent your team from manual-handling.

Automated Reminders

Send automated customisable SMS and Email Reminders to keep clients on schedule, minimise cancellations and lost time.

Automated Recalls

Send SMS and Email recalls automatically based on previous bookings to ensure recurring revenue and service commitments.

Send iCal™ Events

Provide convenient calendar reminders so customers can track their upcoming bookings on their own calendar or device.

Send SMS and Email

Quickly message clients to notify them about better availabilities, reminders, changes, or unexpected rescheduling of their bookings.

Receive SMS Replies

Communicate via two-way SMS with customer replies and confirmations about their upcoming bookings, reminders, preferences and more.

Message Templates

Define a preset list of SMS and Email messaging templates to quickly and easily send regular reusable communications to patients.

Customer Experience Enhancements

Make your patient’s healthcare experience a memorable one with our collection of tools to assist them to conveniently book, pay for and attend their session with no fuss. All with the additional benefits of minimising your team’s administrative workload and maximising their output.

Online Bookings

Automate customer appointment and group bookings with optional payment via your website, Facebook, email and more.

Intake and Client Forms

Send intake, profile, and informed consent forms to patients prior to attending their bookings or in your waiting room.

Waiting List

Organise and track your priority patients and schedule them at the most suitable next available time for your practitioners.

Telehealth Sessions

Offer online videoconferencing for bookings through industry-leading communication tools integrated within your account.

Time Management Tools

Set up your calendar to suit your individual business model and processes. With a wide range of options and features to customise within your calendar to help your clinic, practitioners and staff become healthcare leaders.

Staff Scheduling

Choose and customise staff availability and break times weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just for a specific period or timeframe.

Multi-location Switching

Quickly switch between and view your multiple business locations, sites, staff and practitioners with the click of a button.

Customisable Diary Views

Personalise your calendar to your preferences by only showing specific staff, and reordering columns, amongst a range of other options.

Calendar Feed

View your bookings on other devices in Apple iCloud Calendar™, Microsoft Outlook™, Google Calendar™, and many more.

Third Party Billing Management

Keep your health fund insurance billing running smoothly with built-in management and tracking of sessions and approvals. No matter if it’s an insurance claim, and worker’s compensation claim, private health fund claim, or return-to-work plan, you’ll find a comprehensive suite of tools ready to go.

Sessions & Approval Management

Track and monitor the status and usage of approved sessions or budgeted values from third party health funds, insurers and payers.

Approved Session Reminders

Instantly see the number of approved patient visits remaining for third-party consults covered by insurers and payers.