As soon as we heard that Nicola Graham was starting a podcast, we knew it was far too good an opportunity to pass up, so we jumped at the chance to offer her our support!

Nicola is a highly experienced and passionate physiotherapist who shares her knowledge and expertise on a podcast called Chewing Over High Performance. Her episodes aim to educate, inform, and inspire all listeners within the health and sports sector on their professional leadership journey.

An Industry Leader and Icon

Nicola qualified as a physiotherapist in 2005, and since then, she has continued to expand her knowledge, earning an MSc in 2012 and completing an EMBA in 2023.

Her career so far has spanned around 20 years working in various areas of the health sector, including the NHS and private practice. Primarily, she has spent the vast majority of her professional life as a physiotherapist in clinical settings centred around healthcare and sport.

Over the past couple of years, Nicola has moved in a slightly different career direction, with the overall aim to empower individuals and businesses with strategic leadership and performance insights tailored to the healthcare market.

This career transition led her to host the Chewing Over High Performance podcast that draws on her extensive experience and skills as a physiotherapist and practice owner.

Chewing Over High Performance

Tune In and Chew It Over

Nicola’s podcast is aimed at healthcare professionals interested in leadership, productivity, data, and business strategies.

The first Nookal-sponsored podcast, “Is Data Key to MSK Performance?“, is a prime example of what you can expect from Nicola. In this latest episode, she discusses the crucial role of data with fellow physiotherapist and practice owner, Rhys Carter.

Together, they dive into the topic of data in MSK performance management to help inspire listeners to make better business decisions, improve their team’s performance, and enhance patient care.

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The Chewing Over High Performance podcast is now available on:

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