Staying composed is now easier than ever with Bulk Messaging from Nookal. Ready to pave the way you communicate with patients, Bulk Messaging helps ignite efficiency and establish strong connections.

Save valuable time on critical administrative tasks with scalable mass communications, enhanced with intelligent and powerful filtering built to ensure rapid and precise delivery.

Discount SMS Message

📢┬áMake Headlines

Offering special discounts, welcoming new team members, and publicising sensational clinic news to your audience in volume is now cost-effective and effortless.

Thank You SMS Message

🗺️ Selectively Message

Transform how you communicate with selective filtering. Instantly broadcast to all subscribers, or define specific audience criteria to deliver messages to a clustered group.

Business Update SMS Message

📅 Announce Changes

Occasional obstacles and interruptions arise, impacting schedules. Bulk Messaging can assist in cancelling or postponing sessions by notifying participants of a revised timetable.

Holiday SMS Message

🪔 Celebrate Together

Share the love and express goodwill by personalising festive holiday greetings and individualised seasonal calendar notifications with essential profile placeholders.

💪 Ready to Bulk Up?

Learn how to get started with Bulk Messaging by Nookal.

Send Bulk Messages

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