David Ayres, one of the faces behind Core Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio, generously sat down with us for an exclusive chat, sharing invaluable insights into his professional journey.

He allowed us to discover how the powerful integration of HotDoc with Nookal has played a pivotal role in revolutionising his practice, setting new standards for excellence and patient care.

David Ayers - Core Physio

😍 A Core Connection

David’s passion for sport and physiotherapy took him to the University of South Australia, where he graduated in 2000 with a bachelor’s in Physiotherapy. At the beginning of his career, he not only hit the ground running in private practice but also lent his expertise to some renowned football clubs in Adelaide.

Motivated by a desire for success, David opened the doors to his first Core Physio practice in 2004, marking the beginning of a new adventure. As his reputation grew, he quickly fostered a strong and loyal clientele. With the triumph of his first venture as a solid foundation, he was able to bring his second Core Physio practice to life in 2008.

Over time, David soon realised that the needs of his growing practices were evolving, and reliance on old-fashioned paper-based systems for vital administrative tasks like billing and scheduling could have been more practical.

He researched to find the perfect solution for his business needs, and in 2019, he signed up with Nookal. Since then, Nookal has been his trusted practice management software, empowering him to streamline operations, boost efficiency and enhance the overall patient experience at both of his practices.

With HotDoc and Nookal firmly by his side, we can now share his story of how they have helped reshape his practice landscape.

HotDoc Allied Health Interface

🕵️ Uncovering the Features of HotDoc

HotDoc is an innovative Australian online platform that has helped to revolutionise healthcare bookings.

Scheduling appointments has never been easier as HotDoc empowers patients to search for and schedule appointments with their preferred healthcare providers, all conveniently tailored to their location.

Implementing HotDoc means practices can experience a boost in patient volume and improved patient retention, as one of their aims is to establish a high level of consistency in patient care.

HotDoc also gives clinics access to telehealth and appointment reminders, digital new patient registration forms, and many other useful features, all of which David and his team have taken full advantage of.

Core Physio Patient

🔑 Core Physio Unlocks the Power of HotDoc

David had a connection within the HotDoc team, and in early 2022, he found himself on the cusp of an exciting collaboration. With testing underway towards the end of that year, it wasn’t long before he could seamlessly integrate HotDoc as the preferred booking platform in each of his practices.

David was aware that HotDoc had gained popularity among many GPs, which implied that many of his patients were already familiar with the platform. Consequently, this allowed him to provide his patients with a consistent booking experience when he took HotDoc on board.

Online Bookings: The user-friendly nature of HotDoc encourages clients to make appointments online, reducing the burden of administrative tasks and freeing up valuable time within David’s practices.

Streamlined Efficiency: HotDoc’s logical booking process has changed how he and his team handle numerous appointments that flow into their system. This newfound efficiency has resulted in fewer duplicate files, easing the burden of paperwork and ensuring a smoother operation overall.

With HotDoc as his trusted scheduling partner, David’s practice has witnessed a surge in convenience, streamlined operations, and an enhanced patient experience.

“HotDoc has assisted in reducing administrative requirements significantly, which has helped to grow our patient base. I believe that HotDoc tries to ensure continuity of care – which is a real point of difference to other online booking platforms.”David Ayres

Core Physio Hydrotherapy

🗻 Peak Efficiency with Core Physio

Since 2019, David and his team at Core Physio have used Nookal to improve their practice’s administration processes. Embracing a range of available integrations, such as HotDoc, Tyro, Physitrack, and Medipass, they have soared to new heights in patient care and operational efficiency.

Gone are the days of relying on time-consuming processes for writing Clinical Notes and patient letters – thanks to Nookal’s innovative features, David has found a far more efficient solution. The platform’s user-friendly layout and customisable templates have become a game-changer for him and his dedicated team.

Data management has become a breeze with Nookal, as it offers easy export options, allowing them to customise content according to their specific business requirements.

For David and his team, the journey with Nookal has been about harnessing its fullest potential and eagerly exploring all the current and new functionalities Nookal has to offer.

Core Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio use Nookal to provide superior patient care, experience efficient administration and hold onto their commitment to staying ahead of the curve in healthcare innovation.

HotDoc for Allied Health

🧐 Keen to Learn More?

By utilising Nookal and HotDoc, David has been able to streamline his administration processes, optimise his practice’s booking procedures, and ultimately enhance the overall experience for his patients.

Learn more about integrating HotDoc Online Bookings with Nookal Practice Management Software:

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