Hold onto your hats. It is time for us to unveil our latest integration! We are always on the lookout for new integrations, and we are delighted to announce that The BOS is now available to connect with your Nookal account.

The BOS Lead Sheet

Hitting Bullseye with The BOS

The BOS offers solutions for various business operations within your practice while providing valuable insights and recommendations to facilitate business growth.

The BOS puts the spotlight on the following areas:

  • Account Management: The BOS helps ensure your practice management software connects seamlessly with your account management platform.
  • Patient Management: You can access and manage your clients’ information, appointment frequency, and other factors to ensure that you are delivering exceptional service.
  • Performance Reporting: This tool can help you understand your key business metrics and monitor staff KPIs.
  • Administration Support: Use the UT% chart on The BOS dashboard to efficiently manage practitioner schedules and streamline client bookings. The reporting system allows you to monitor debt and unbilled hours, which helps you address any financial issues.
  • Practitioner Report: This report can be used to examine your staff’s performance and ensure that they are meeting their KPIs that match your business requirements.
  • Marketing and Sales: Analyse various campaigns and strategies to determine their effectiveness for your business. You can use the visual chart to determine the connection between leads and marketing.

The BOS Live Data

Investigate The BOS

The BOS can streamline clinical data management and reporting, saving time and improving your practice’s efficiency.

Customisable Dashboards: You can create alerts for your practice to appear on your dashboard. This feature enables your admin team to view the UT% chart and immediately gain insights into the ratio between practitioner and appointment levels.

Statistics: Taking a deeper look at statistics for specific practitioners, locations, patients, and time periods is a valuable part of what is on offer.

Sales and Administration: Using The BOS, you can identify your revenue streams and routinely run reports to present a clear picture of trends and growth, allowing you to make data-driven business decisions.

The BOS Dashboard

How Does The BOS Connect with Nookal?

The BOS integrates seamlessly with Nookal, capturing the data you need to have a clear vision for the future of your business.

Discover Who The BOS Is

If you want to learn more about The BOS and what they offer, visit The BOS.

To connect your Nookal account with The BOS, take a moment and read Connecting Nookal to The BOS.

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