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Connect to TeleHab for a seamless exercise prescription and review experience.

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Integrated Rehab Technology

Connect Nookal with TeleHab by VALD Health to guide your client’s rehabilitation journey with a seamless exercise prescription and practitioner review process.

Make it easy for your team to manage their patients with exercise program builders, an easy-to-use client app, and powerful reporting.

About TeleHab Connect TeleHab with Nookal

Exercise Prescription

Build and deliver client programs from an extensive library of over 5,000 exercises.

Client App

Provide a seamless at-home experience for your clients with step-by-step guidance.

Powerful Reporting

Review, track and report on your client progress and improvements over time.

About VALD Health

TeleHab is part of the wide range of VALD Health technologies complementing the client journey from assessment, treatment, prescription and evaluation.

With a focus on fast and accurate measurement technology, VALD Health systems are designed to improve outcomes and empower your team with real-time data.

VALD Health accompanies their technologies with easy-to-use tools for data visualisation and analysis to make objective decisions clearer and easier.

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Getting started with TeleHab

If you’re new to TeleHab and want to check it out, simply click the button below to learn more about what TeleHab can offer you and your business.

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Connect TeleHab with Nookal

Once you’re ready to get started, simply follow these easy instructions to connect your Nookal account with TeleHab.

Connect TeleHab with Nookal
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