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Succeeding in a Career

Have you got the need to succeed?

At Nookal, we have the very best people who are passionate about our product and vision.

But… since we lack cloning technology, we’re always looking for exceptionally skilled and talented people to join our growing team.

Check out our criteria below to learn more about the talents, skills, and experience we’re looking for.

And if you’re interested in joining a genuine down-to-earth group who care – we’d love to hear from you.

The Trifecta of Talent

If you’ve got the knowledge, experience, or interest in these fields, we’re listening…

Health Care Clinic

Clinic Operations

Understanding an Allied Health Clinic (or similar) is invaluable.

Computer with a Star

Technical Wizardry

Having a keen interest in all things technology helps a lot.

Shaking Hands

People Skills

Engaging and growing relationships is vital to everyone’s success.

Relaxing in a Bubble Bath

The Perks of Work(ing with Us)

So, what can an opportunity at Nookal offer you?

Here’s some of the benefits our team enjoys:

  • 100% Remote Environment
  • Work from Home / Anywhere
  • Flexible Hours (and Timezones)
  • Strong Focus on Work-life Balance
  • Diverse Opportunities for Skills
  • Emphasis on Autonomy and Initiative

Our Key Criteria

No matter the opportunity, these points are what make you stand out.

Attention to Detail

Above all else, we’re always striving for a high attention to detail. The magic word is ‘meticulous’.

We Speak Volumes

We love information exchange, so excellent communication skills are key for all team members.

Remote Self-control

Because our team works remotely, managing your own time is an essential skill for everyone.

Put Your Hat On

We value talent for outside-the-box and solution-oriented thinking within all our departments.

Current Opportunities

Please feel free to browse our active current opportunities:

Please apply via the associated listings.

Future Opportunities

We’ll always be looking to grow our team, so we welcome you to apply for any future opportunities that we may have.

Simply email us your Resume and a Cover Letter to:

Successful candidates will send both files as PDFs, tell us how they fit our criteria, and include the magic word.

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