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Tonight, our lead reporter, Clementine Clinics, takes a look at the Practice Management Software that’s making headlines around the world.

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We’ll be looking at:

  • Topics and Tips for Building Your Business
  • Exclusive Case Study Interviews with Clinics
  • Eye-witness Testimony about the Benefits of Integrations
  • Plus, much much more…

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  • Plus, much, much more…

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At Nookal News, our crack team of investigative journalists work around the clock to uncover the secrets you need to know about strengthening your clinic, empowering your team, and acquiring new patients.

Some of the stories we’ll be covering are…

🪄 Business Topics and Tips

Our lead journalist, Dorothy Diagnosis, has over two decades of experience studying the inner workings of multi-disciplinary clinics around the world, so our team will be bringing the best and most requested topics to you as part of our regularly scheduled program.

🎙️ Interviews and Case Studies

We love to have interesting conversations and our interviews in the Nookal News Studio are no exception. Our head interviewer, Harriet Health, regularly talks with the movers and shakers of the allied health industry to find the topics that interest you.

🖥️ Integration Benefits

Sometimes you need to phone a friend in order to become a millionaire, but it’s hard to know which friend is the one you need. That’s why our expert integrator, Winston Wellness, will be guiding you with in-depth explorations of third-party integrations.

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After the break, our lead reporter Clementine Clinics will be diving into the Practice Management Software that’s taking the world by storm…

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