At Nookal, we take great delight in expanding our portfolio of integrations, so we are thrilled to introduce you to Dataplayer.

💡 Let’s Dive Into Dataplayer

Dataplayer is a platform designed with allied healthcare professionals in mind. It captures your vital clinical information and presents it in various formats. Using Dataplayer will help you to set targets, generate relevant reports and make critical business decisions.

🛎️ Nookal and Dataplayer

Once you have integrated with Dataplayer, it will access data from your Nookal account and present it in your personalised dashboard, synced in real-time.

The setup of Dataplayer to your Nookal account is straightforward and should only take a moment or two of your time, and once complete, you will benefit from their 14-day free trial.

Dataplayer Screenshot

🚀 Why Use Dataplayer?

Some of the benefits of using Dataplayer for your clinical practice are:

  • Data from your Nookal account will be automatically gathered hourly and displayed for you in visually appealing formats like graphs or tables.
  • Using Dataplayer provides you with snapshots of your staff’s KPIs and your patient’s appointments and can show how your revenue is progressing.
  • You can customise the data that Dataplayer gives you, allowing you to keep track of trends and patterns, which can help you manage your business decisions.

Using Nookal and Dataplayer in conjunction with each other can help to take your clinic to new and exciting new levels of success.

To find out more, check out Dataplayer at:

To get connected, check out the instructions: Connecting Nookal to Dataplayer

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