Reliable billing software is vital to running a successful massage clinic. Your chosen software should come with features that can assist you with ensuring that your billing processes are both streamlined and efficient.

For instance, you will likely be dealing with patient invoices, possibly insurance companies, Medicare, etc. Therefore, it pays to determine whether the software you are considering can effectively help you manage your clinic’s revenue and financial matters.

🧾 Less Admin. More Focus on Patients.

Performing administrative duties using your scheduling massage therapy software while running a clinic daily can be time-consuming, especially as appointments take priority.

It is worth exploring the ways your massage therapy office software helps minimise the amount of administrative work required, such as:

  • Does your massage therapy software allow for automated billing?
  • How easy is it to combine invoices or update invoices when changes arise?
  • Can your team send bulk invoices for health insurance companies and schemes such as Medicare, NHS, or ACC, etc.?
  • Does your software offer the functionality to create clinical notes in SOAP format?

If these are essential factors you must have in place, then it pays to research to ensure that the software chosen for your business meets your expectations.

💳 Online Payments. Easier Billing.

Efficient massage therapy billing for your clinic could include payment options for your patients. You may need to look at the third party payment processors (like Square, Stripe, or PayPal) on offer from your software that allow clients to pay online, as these can assist in making the process seamless and efficient.

Lastly, there should be dependable customer service should any technical issues relating to billing arise. Nookal offers free and unlimited technical support to ensure that your massage therapy clinic software experience is second-to-none.

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