The best massage therapy software should include the capability for you and your team to create clinical notes in the SOAP format. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) allow your therapists to construct and manage comprehensive clinical notes to efficiently record all facets of a client’s health status, evaluations, and treatment strategies.

SOAP-formatted clinical notes can assist in helping improve communication with fellow healthcare professionals at your clinic who are involved in a specific patient’s care.

Remember to be wary of free massage therapy software, there can be restrictions and limitations for necessary functionality.

👓 What to Look for in SOAP Note Software

By choosing massage therapy software with the following features, you can streamline your practice’s operations and provide your patients with the best possible care:

  • EMR incorporated into your practice management software allows for storing patient information electronically, making it easily accessible and reducing the risk of lost or misplaced records.
  • Massage therapy software may include the option to simplify routine tasks like appointment booking which frees up time for massage therapists to focus on patient care.
  • Automated massage therapy billing features ingrained in your software can simplify the invoicing process, and help to streamline the payment processes.

🎨 Customisable Clinical Templates

Having customisable clinical notes templates as a part of your massage therapist software like Nookal offers can be tailored to specific needs and can help ensure that all vital patient information is accurately recorded.

Nookal’s clinical note templates include a variety of features to make your EMR experience efficient and effective, including body charts, snippets, symbols, outcome measures, management plans, and much much more.

🏆 The #1 in Massage Therapy SOAP Notes

In the case that your chosen massage therapy software is cloud-based this could assist your team of therapists within your clinic who might have to travel for some appointments allowing them to still have access to their client information, record SOAP notes, and manage any administrative tasks on the go.

By using the right software, your therapists can keep track of their client’s treatment plans and progress more efficiently. Therefore it is best to make sure you have the best massage therapy software as a part of your business.

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